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Brush Removal - Road Services
The Springfield Township Road Department is located at 705 East Leffel Lane. Office phone number is (937) 322 0253.

More photos of the Road Department facilities and crew can be found in our photo gallery.

Road Superintendent: Billy Saunders

Road Superintendent: Billy Saunders

Billy manages all road department functions from the Township Road Department offices.

Road Dept. Crew Photo

From left to right: Dan Hess, Marc Storm, Karlene Johnson, Mike Johnson, Richard Allender, Billy Saunders

Leaf Collection

During the autumn season Springfield Township road crews collect fallen leaves from Township residential properties. When placing leaves near the road be certain the leaves do not extend onto the roadway and that the leaf pile contains only fallen leaves.

Township employees reserve the right to not collect leaves from piles containing anything other than leaves.

The 2015 Brush and Leaf policy PDF can be downloaded here.

Brush Collection

The Township Brush Crew will take limbs up to five (5) inches in diameter. The limbs should be placed on the berm, not in the roadway, with the cut end towards the road. The limbs should not be cut into small pieces; the brush crew prefers longer pieces that will feed into the chipper easily. If the branches are smaller than twelve (12) inches in length, please place them in an open container.

The 2019 Brush and Leaf policy PDF can be downloaded here.

Poison Plants

Please be certain that no poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac is included in the branches for collection/chipping. Employees reserve the right to not chip any branches touching these poison plants.

Not sure how to identify the poison plants? Here is an excellent website that will help.