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Springfield Township Zoning Administration

For zoning regulations, permits, inquiries or zoning complaints, please call 937.322-3459, Ext. 11.

Springfield Township Zoning Commission

When township zoning was first adopted by Springfield Township in 1974, resolutions established the Zoning Commission to prepare the zoning regulations and any future changes or amendments.

Property owners requesting changes in their property's zoning classification must obtain an application from the township. Applications are then reviewed by the CEDA Regional Planning Commission before being returned to the Zoning Commission with a recommendation for action.

The Commission holds public hearings on the proposed changes and then renders its decisions to uphold or amend the township zoning regulations which apply to the property.

State laws regard Commission decisions as final unless overruled by a unanimous decision by the Springfield Township Board of Trustees.

The Springfield Township Zoning Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Springfield Township Administrative Offices, 2777 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield, Ohio.

Springfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals

Requests for variances, conditional use permits or any zoning appeals are heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

"Variances" permit use of a land or building in a manner that may not completely conform to zoning regulations but respects the intent of the applicable zoning resolutions.

"Conditional Use Permits" are required for certain types of commercial and industrial development. Proposed plans are reviewed by the Board in an effort to ensure that the new development is appropriate and harmonious with an area's existing development.

Public hearings are held in each instance to consider testimony and public opinion. In this way the interests of the township are protected by local residents during each step of the process.

The Springfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Springfield Township Administrative Offices, 2777 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield, Ohio.

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Zoning Fee Schedule

2023 Filing Deadlines & Meetings

April, 2016 Zoning Regulations, Chapter 1, w/index

April, 2016 Zoning Districts, Chapter 2

April, 2016 Zoning General Regulations, Chapter 3

April, 2016 Zoning Special Regulations, Chapter 4

April, 2016 Zoning Enforcement, Chapter 5

April, 2016 Zoning Provisions, Chapter 6

April, 2016 Zoning Appendices


Conditional Use

Driveway Road Cut Permit


Zoning Certificate


Zoning Text Amendment

Zoning Commission Members

  • Board Chair: Lee Whittaker
  • Michael Thompson
  • Linda K. Moore
  • Charles H. Morris
  • Judy Sheridan
  • Alternate Member: Corey Burk, Steven Stuart

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

  • Board Chair: Tami Randall
  • Rodger Burk
  • Dustin Holfinger
  • Scott Elliot
  • Tyson Lemon
  • Alternate Member: Jeff Briner