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  • Trustee Tim Foley's photo

    Tim Foley, Township Trustee

    Tim began serving the Township in 2008. Tim is a member of S.W.P.C. Solid Waste Policy Committee, a member of the Ohio Public Works District 11 Integrating Committee responsible for recommending local projects to the O.P.W. Commission for government funding, LOGCAC Board, Clark County Enterprise Zone #194 Tax Incentive Review Council, Local Officials Government and Citizens Advisory Committee, and also an Alternate of the Clark County Transportation Coordinating Committee, plus Tim is also the President of the Clark County Township Association.

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    937.323.1322 (H)
  • Trustee Jim Scoby's photo

    Jim Scoby, Township Trustee

    Jim began serving the Township as Trustee in 2000. Jim oversees the Road Department. He is a member of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and is currently President of the Clark County Traffic Council.

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  • Trustee John Roeder's photo

    John Roeder, Township Trustee

    John Roeder was elected as trustee in 2018. John has been a lifelong resident of Springfield Township for over 64 years, graduating from Shawnee High School in 1974. John had worked for the township during the summer in high school and full time after graduating for approximately 2 years performing various duties. John currently works for the Ohio Edison Co, being hired in 1978. He worked his way up the ranks as a lineman and currently holds the position as the Operations Manager for Springfield line Department. John has been a member of the Springfield Township Fire Department for 45 years, serving as Fire Chief for 13 years (2004 – 2017).

    John and his wife Cari have been married for over 42 years and have 2 children, Steve and Adam both with families living in the Township and both served on the Fire Department for many years. John and Cari also have three grandchildren with all attending school in the Clark Shawnee school district.

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  • Fiscal Officer Mark Smith's photo

    Mark Smith, Fiscal Officer

    Mark was appointed as the Fiscal Officer in May 2019 and is a local retired business owner from the Medical Equipment Industry over the past 30 years. Mark is experienced using the State required programs and is responsible for maintaining the overall financial controls established by the Ohio State Auditor as it relates to reporting the Tax Revenues and Expenditures by the Township. He brings his experience as a former business owner and earlier training in accounting as an asset to the Township.

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  • Township Administrator Jennifer Tuttle's photo

    Jennifer Tuttle, Township Administrator

    Jennifer Tuttle was appointed Administrator for Springfield Township on June 5, 2023. Prior to the appointment, she served as the Senior Planner/Zoning Inspector with Clark County Community and Economic Development. Her previous experience also includes four years with the City of Springfield Community Development Department and 18 years at Springfield News-Sun/Cox Newspapers.

    As Administrator, Jennifer oversees the day-to-day operations of Township services. Jennifer is a member of the Ohio Township Association, Ohio Code Enforcement Officials Association, and American Planning Association.

    Office: 937-322-3459 Ext. 11
    Cell: 937-920-0761
    Email: jtuttle@spfldtwp.org

Township History

Springfield Township in Clark County is one of 1308 Ohio townships. Our township was established in 1818.

The Pilgrims brought the township form of government to America in 1620. This government type is considered the earliest in American history and is still found in 22 states.

In Ohio the township predates our state government. The townships' size is determined by the Congressional Acts which established the various land grants. Ohio land grants were divided into townships that were 6 square miles. Congress set aside sections in each township for schools and religious institutions.

As the Ohio territory became populated it was only natural that the surveyed townships become the basic unit of local government. In 1804 the elected officials of a township consisted of 3 trustees, a clerk, 2 overseers of the poor and a sufficient number of supervisors of the roads, in addition to justices of the peace and constables. A township treasurer and assessor were later added.

Today, like in 1804, the Ohio township is a political subdivision of the state. As such, it only has these powers granted to it by the state legislature and performs functions defined by the state.

To keep pace with the changing times, and growing demands, the functions, duties and obligations have changed over the years.

Today the largest township function is road maintenance. Currently, Springfield Township takes care of 82 miles of roadway in a 33 square mile area.

There are 3 Trustees and one Fiscal Officer, each elected for a 4 year term to direct Township business in Ohio. Clark County has 10 townships with Springfield Township being the largest with 13,424 citizens.

Officially, Trustees and the Fiscal Officers fulfill their jobs on a part-time basis, but they are always ready to meet their responsibilities and put in many hours of work to serve their constituents. Their intimate knowledge of their community, its needs, and its citizens, enable them to offer more personal service than any other unit of government.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

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Springfield Township Map

Springfield Township map.

This is a representative map, not to scale.

2023 Meeting Minutes (in PDF)

Meeting minutes must be approved by the trustees before being posted to the website. Due to special meetings, some months may contain more than two meetings. All exhibits can be requested at the administration office, if needed.
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